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About Us

The meaning of Ondakina?

Originally from Vermont, we spent a great deal of time on beautiful Lake Champlain.  It is believed  "Ondakina" was one of the early Native American names for the lake.

About Us

We met our first Portuguese Water Dog 30 years ago when we were living in New England.  Over the years we had many wonderful dogs, but vowed one day we would have a PWD.  Twelve years ago our first Portuguese Water Dog puppy joined the  family and life has never been the same!

Dogs positively impact our lives in so many ways it is only fair we return the favor by engaging our dogs in a wide range of activities that enrich their lives.  Whether it is competing on the water or in the agility, obedience or confirmation ring, these animals love to work and watching them do what they have been bred to do for centuries is a joy.  If you are looking for a pet that is content to lay on the couch all day this is not the breed for you!

We are proud members of The Portuguese Water Dog Club of America (PWDCA) as well as two regional clubs, Movers & Shakers and United Sunshine States Portuguese Water Dog Club (USSPWDC).

Our Philosophy

First and foremost all our dogs are members of our family. Our focus is on quality and not quantity.  It is of the utmost importance to us that we breed dogs that are sound of both body and mind.  All litters are born and raised in our home. We ensure that all health testing recommended by our National Club (PWDCA) is completed. It is also our goal to preserve the heritage of the PWD's outstanding working drive.

Literally hundreds of hours go into each litter before a puppy leaves our home.  Much effort is taken to ensure that each puppy is not only healthy and thriving, but well socialized.  Every puppy is held multiple times daily so they become comfortable being held and touched. When their eyes and ears open they are carefully exposed to noises they will hear regularly such as talking, laughing, vacuuming, doors opening, rain, thunder and children. Their play and exercise area is designed to expose them to different shapes, colors, movements, levels, obstacles, surfaces and textures.  When they are old enough to venture outdoors they are carefully exposed to many more sights, smells and experiences as well as being introduced to the puppy pool.

All this early effort is well worth it as the puppy will go to their new home more confident, adaptable and easier to train


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Kelley Dimke PhD

Waxhaw, North Carolina, USA

(614) 507-9336